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About Us

Serving the locals and residents of New York, Flor Angel Daycare Pre-K is a Child Care Provider established with the simple dream of studding each child’s day with memories worth keeping and experiences that would complete their childhood. We believe that by establishing a solid foundation for their identity, they will evolve to be happier, more fulfilled builders of tomorrow.

The early years of life play a key role in an individual’s overall being. It is during this period that fostering a lifelong love for learning must be incorporated in their character. It is as well the stage wherein good values are to be instilled for social success and smooth interrelationship with others.

Good education is a necessary predictive factor for one’s success. At Flor Angel Daycare Pre-K, we train children to be the best they can be. Bannering our unique blend of thematic, progressive, and constructivist curriculum, we see to it that every aspect of the child is exclusively addressed. We do this by guiding them in an pre-structured learning enterprise that exposes them to a variety of stimuli targeting specific areas of the cognitive and emotional self.

We coordinate with parents and constantly communicate with them, recognizing that the home and the family has a significant impact to the child’s overall learning.

As a parent, you can expect the following from us and more:

Fun and Developmentally-Appropriate Activities

We provide fun programs that cater to the varied needs across age groups. We also recognize the fact that no two child has the same way of learning, thus, provides differentiated instruction that addresses individual differences and multiple intelligences.

Fostering Leadership and Social Engagement

At Flor Angel Daycare Pre-K, we provide each child an equal opportunity to build their own character through interacting with their younger counterparts, children their age, and to their older friends. This way, they become aware of a basic community setting that guides them to apply learned behaviors at home and anywhere else.

Acquiring Values for Life

Values are not enough taught on verbiage. They are better done in practice. And where else can values be applied than the appropriate training ground of the classroom? At school, through daily interaction, children are practiced to imbibe respect, friendship, courtesy, initiative, and love for self and for others. It also promotes a stronger bond between the parent and the child. Through repetition and reinforcement, values are acquired for a life-long utility.

Flor Angel Daycare Pre-K serves children regardless of age, race, color, gender, national origin, and culture. Create the best decision for your child today! Contact us.