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Snacks and Meals

Flor Angel Daycare Pre-K also provides snack and meals fit for children and their developmental requirements. This is to contend with the child’s active engagements during the day when they spend most of their energy on running and giggling and moving around. We recognize how much children could be hyperactive. This is why we see to it that they get the replacement for these through natural body fuels – vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, and more.

Let’s face it. Children are picky eaters. Add this to the difficulty of feeding them with a divided attention. But at Flor Angel Daycare Pre-K, children will love breaks and veggies as we serve delectable plates and dishes groomed to fit your child’s fussy preferences. We have a unique way of serving compelling snacks that will replenish their energy and sustain their active enterprises throughout the day.

Our snacks are served in between meals in the morning and afternoon. Meal menus will be accorded to the list of recipes by our consultant nutritionist. Each of them are prepared with precaution and safety.

If your child has some allergies or peculiar conditions that need dietary parallels, please do inform us so we could arrange and plan of a diet substitute for your little one. Questions are readily answered at 212-862-1922. Contact us now.