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As guardians, please be guided accordingly with our set of polices at Flor Angel Daycare Pre-K. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call us at our customer service hot-line 917-495-2962 or send us a message using our online contact form.

Arrivals and Departure

Your child is expected to arrive clean, groomed, and fed. We will do our best to also send them home in the same condition. Parents and guardians are required to supply the following needed materials to the center to be used by the caregivers in the care of the child:

  • Ointments
  • Baby Powders
  • Diapers
  • Clean towels

We will require you to make your departures during drop-offs as brief as possible to make it easier for the child. While it is expected that some of them may cry and become hesitant when mom or dad leaves, leaving them a reassuring hug or a convincing promise will at least make them at peace. It also helps them engage in many fun activities easily once their guardians have gone.

The same principle should be applied during pick-up time. In the event that you will not be able to pick them up yourself and hire someone to do the task instead, a verbal consent must be given to us in the same day, that is if that person is in the list of the authorized persons to pick up your child. If not, then we expect you to understand that an identification or a signed consent letter is needed for your child’s maximum protection.

Center Guidelines

Flor Angel Daycare Pre-K operates with center rules that apply to all children enrolled in our programs. You, the parent or the guardian, is expected to make these general guidelines acceptable to your child in the most simple and understandable manner. This is designed so to make sure that all children in the center are protected.

There will be no hitting, punching, kicking, pushing, and running in the center. No use of derogatory and disrespectful languages shall be allowed, as well as shouting, demeaning, and bullying in any form.

Intentional destruction of any property, furniture, or material will be charged to the parents and guardians. All other rules must be followed with this for a harmonious operation in our daily goals.

Enrollment Policy

Flor Angel Daycare Pre-K offers our programs to children within the 3-month-old to 12 years age range. All children to be enrolled are required to undergo vaccination and a medical check with a physician’s signed certification. We do not discriminate children on the basis of age, color, national origin, culture, sex, or religious orientation. All are welcome to enroll.

Enrollment Procedure and Requirements

For children to be enrolled in our programs, the guardian must fill out our required enrollment form, pay the registration fee, and conform to the center requirements. Parents will be given a parent handbook/manual in order for them to be guided by our specific policies and center procedures.

Requirements will be given to you upon your child’s admission, depending on what program he/she is enrolled in.

Holidays, Occasions, and Vacations

Flor Angel Daycare Pre-K is closed on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Patriot’s Day (Staff Training Day)
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day (Staff Training Day)
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and the day after
  • Christmas Eve (all centers close at 3:00pm)
  • Christmas Day

Depending on which day the holiday falls, some administrative control may be applied. For further guidance, please contact us.

Medical Emergencies

Minor physical injuries such as little bruises, a bump, or a scratch, will be given needed attention. Your child will be provided with the most appropriate care and assurance, along with an immediate first aid. If there are to be medical emergencies that will require us to take them to the hospital, we will be contacting as soon as possible and will meet you there.

Please make sure to secure us with your mobile number to be reached anytime so we wouldn’t have trouble contacting you. Children with colds and minor communicable ailments are advised to rest at home while children who are diagnosed to have fever will be advised to be taken home ASAP by an authorized guardian.

Open Door Policy

Parents and guardians are all welcome and invited to join their children at any available time so they can feel your utmost support to reaching their little milestones. You may watch them during class or you can join them at lunch. Even when dropping off and picking up, it is advisable for parents to be with their little ones.

Signing In/Out

The general purpose of signing in and out your child is to provide a security record of who picked up and dropped off your child on that day. At Flor Angel Daycare Pre-K, parents are all required to use our easy log-in log-out convenience system just at the entrance.

Withdrawal Notice

Should you decide to withdraw your child’s enrollment at Flor Angel Daycare Pre-K, please do so two (2) weeks before the class starts so we will be able to notify parents from our waiting list.