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We widely open our doors to parents who want to share their concerns and inquiries to us. You may visit our school in your preferred date and time by setting an appointment with us.
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After-School Pick-Up

We provide an easy, safe, and reliable transportation service to your child and get them home safe right after school is out. We understand that some parents may have a tough time managing their schedules. No matter how much we want to do them ourselves, some instances would always render us uncapable of doing such. Better be sure than risk their safety!

At Flor Angel Daycare Pre-K, we dedicate a commitment to each of our child’s security. Being the one given the trust, our reach extends to serving as their guardians on the road.

We will pick your child up and take them to your provided residence. As a parent, we will require you to inform us prior to the service and provide us with a complete information on the drop-off address. As much as possible, the transaction should be done in person by the child’s legit guardian for maximum safety.

We serve families and children in New York and the surrounding areas. For inquiries, please call 212-862-1922.